Everything you ever wanted to know about our little home for animals
Agatha & Hercule, our beautiful Belgian hares now back in their paddock on the park side of Pets’ Corner

Pets’ Corner is a volunteer run animal sanctuary in Longford Park, Stretford. We aim to provide an environment in which visitors can enjoy seeing our animals but we are not a petting zoo. Whilst many visitors would like the opportunity to physically interact with them our animals aren’t used to being handled unnecessarily and would find it far too stressful. 
Please note: Our beautiful Belgian hares, Agatha and Hercule, have recently retired and now living indoors with one of our volunteers.
As the local council no longer supports us financially we are entirely dependent on contributions from the general public and whatever funding we obtain from local community initiative grants. If you would like to make a financial contribution our account details are:

Name: Longford Park Pets Corner, Sort Code: 08-92-99, Account: 65787986

Please be aware that due to ongoing hacking issues this site is currently under constant development. Why people need to try and pinch other folks’ websites goodness only knows but we’re doing our best to stop it!