A Sponsor’s Visit

Ronnie (left) and Reggie (right)

Today we were actually visited by, not one, but two sponsors – Teddy and Ania. Ania sponsors one of our bunnies, Honey, and Teddy sponsored Ronnie, one of our elderly guinea pigs, who, as many of you know, died peacefully in his sleep over Christmas.

Ronnie (left) and Reggie (right)

Teddy was keen to continue sponsoring a guinea pig and so came to Pets’s Corner with Ania and his mum and dad, Kate and Andy, to meet Einstein, our young white ‘pig.

They all spent the afternoon cleaning out, restocking and feeding both the guinea pigs, Einstein & his companion Albert,

Albert (brown) and Einstein (white)

and the rabbits, including Honey and her sister Flopsy Daisy, her mum, Mummy Bunny and also her Aunt Beatrix.

Honey (in the background), Flopsy Daisy (white), Mummy Bunny (brown, left) & Aunt Beatrix (brown, right)

At the end of the afternoon Teddy and Ania fed our goats, Gandalf and Frodo, and helped to settle them down for the night.

We hope they had a great time meeting the animals they sponsor and look forward to welcoming them again in the future.

If you would like to sponsor any of the animals at Pets’ Corner please visit our ‘Sponsor an Animal‘ page for further details.