What Happened to Reggie?

Reggie and his new home

Regular visitors to Pets’ Corner will know that, until recently, we had two elderly guinea pigs called

Ronnie (left, RIP) and Reggie (right)

Ronnie and Reggie. As we said in yesterday’s post, unfortunately Ronnie died over Christmas so Reggie was left on his own. Being old, he is too set in his ways to introduce a new hutchmate for him to snuggle up with but he still needed to keep warm and find his food – which he finds a little difficult because he has poor eyesight due to cataracts (you can see the characteristic dull white reflection in his right eye in the picture below).

So what happened to Reggie? Well, he has now retired from Pets’ Corner and is now living on his own as an indoor ‘pig with one of our volunteers. He has settled in quickly and appears to be be enjoying his new life inside. Check back for more news of Reggie in future posts.

Reggie and his new home