Freedom!…and then Chicken & Goat Traumas

It’s been a busy time at Pets Corner since the last blog post. The DEFRA enforced restrictions on our chickens and ducks have finally been relaxed a little so they are, for now at least, allowed out again. We do however have to try and deter wild birds from visiting so for now the ducks’ pond must remain as empty as possible. Unfortunately the weather is making this quite difficult as no sooner have you emptied it, than it pours down and partially fills it up again, not that the ducks are complaining. In fact all the birds look a lot happier now that they have their freedom back. Except, that is, poor Daisy, our fluffy headed chicken. She was born at Pets Corner in 2015 and is at the very bottom of the pecking order. Unfortunately she been diagnosed with trichomonas – a parasite (protozoan) that causes plaque build up in a birds throat. The increasing plaque build up then causes the bird difficulty with breathing and eating and can frequently be fatal. Thankfully the disease was spotted quite early so Daisy is now resting on her own and having daily antibiotics. So far, so good. She was a bit more alert today but there’s still a long way to go. 

And then there’s Frodo. As everyone will have noticed, it’s been quite wet recently and all the rain and mud that it creates in the goats’ paddock isn’t at all good for their hooves and Frodo, unfortunately, has developed a touch of rot in one of his. Once again it was spotted promptly, the vet visited and he is now having treatment as well.

You may also notice that we have installed some stepping stones (well, logs really) to give both Frodo and Gandalf somewhere else to walk and also encourage them to climb a little.

Work to improve the goats’ environment further will continue in the coming months once we have built up some more funds. We had planned to cover some of the wettest areas of the paddock with natural bark chips, which would be better for the goats’ hooves, in the next couple of weeks but the recent vet fees have depleted our cash reserves once again. If anyone would like to purchase a bag of bark chips for us, I’m sure Frodo and Gandalf, along with all of us volunteers, would be most grateful.

Until next time, here’s a rather blurry photo of Gandalf, King of the Castle.