It's been some time since we made a post but that doesn't mean we've been idle. If you've been down to Pets' Corner you'll have noticed that the chicken and goat areas are looking quite wild with heavy grass, plant and weed growth. They aren't just overgrown – we have deliberately left them like that so that all the chickens get the opportunity to forage and search for tasty morsels in a natural environment. That not only keeps them healthy but also keeps them from getting bored. An added benefit is that we have plenty of natural and free food for our rabbits and guinea pigs so it helps to keep our costs down a bit as well.
You may also have noticed that the decor in Pets' Corner has changed in the last few days. Like the videos we posted on the Facebook page, the work was done by a group of youths on the National Citizen Service (NCS) Challenge, but unlike the videos, which were excellent, this time the workmanship left a lot to be desired and unfortunately the colours used make it very difficult to see the animals through the wire mesh. On reflection, maybe the task of painting Pets' Corner was a little ambitious for the group to take on, and neither they nor us are happy with the results. Work has already started to remove the garish colours and will continue over the next few weeks until we're once again happy with the way Pets' Corner looks.
We're also still appealing for funds to help us pay the annual fee for the CCTV monitoring. Please visit
if you feel you can help us. (Also please note that the fee payed to chuffed is optional and can be removed altogether at checkout if you wish).