Everything you ever wanted to know about our little home for animals

Sponsoring Our Animals

As we are run by a group of volunteers and receive no council funding one of the ways in which we raise funds is by asking visitors and supporters to sponsor our animals in order to help with the cost of housing and feeding them. In return you get a certificate and the opportunity to come down to Pets’ Corner, help to look after your chosen animal(s) and, where possible, have your photograph taken with them. You will also have your name displayed on your chosen animal’s enclosure for the duration of your sponsorship.

You might also consider sponsoring an animal as a gift for someone else. In this case the recipient of your gift is also welcome to come down, learn more about and care for the animal(s) chosen and have their photograph taken with them.

The cost of sponsoring our animals is in the table below. You are welcome to sponsor them for any period of time from one month to a year and you can of course renew after a year should you so wish.

Sponsorship Fees

AnimalCost per month

Current Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor one of our animals please either complete an Animal Sponsor SO Form and take it to your bank or set up a Standing Order using online banking, but please remember to let us know as well.

Wherever possible the animals we source to live at Pets’ Corner will be private rescues or from rescue centres but for animal health reasons this isn’t always practicable.

GandalfPrincipal Sponsor
Giddy Goat Toyshop

Pauline Gathercole
FrodoPrincipal Sponsor
Giddy Goat Toyshop

CloverEmma Comrie
Florence Joyce-Clarke
Marina Watson & Aliki Michala
LavenderIsobel Sterritt
BluebellKristen Brill
Cora Mitchell & Hollie Weir
Molly Carter
CasperDiane McNamee
Martha Thorley
James (homed with
one of our volunteers)
Ivy Pickersgill

MatildaEdie Siddons Castile
Matilda Thorley
TomConnie Heyes
JerryLuke & Thomas Ireland
IvyThomas Comrie
AuroraSam Kelsey
DotGhost Town Games
DaisyLisa Morgan
Janice Rendel
VictoriaJoe Moss
DoloresDolores Watt
ChristabelJade & Douglas Mawson
DivineValerie Valery
Peggy-SueValerie Valery
“Paint Your Wagon”
Whole groupDorry Rees
BelleJane & Gary Waugh
JasmineJoe Moss
Longford Community Choir
MoanaDorry Rees
ArielSonia & Jude