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Winter molt

31/10/2017 Andy Grady 0

You may have noticed the chickens are looking a bit scraggy at the moment with one in particular, Barbara, looking like she’s being plucked ready […]

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09/08/2017 Andy Grady 0

Well, we have no post for months and then there's two in one night. As they were mentioned in the last post and may help […]

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09/08/2017 Andy Grady 0

It's been some time since we made a post but that doesn't mean we've been idle. If you've been down to Pets' Corner you'll have […]

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Pecking Order

14/02/2017 Andy Grady 0

Did you know that when we talk about any social structure having a ‘pecking order’, whilst we’re talking figuratively, it is actually based on real […]

Chicken Boredom

11/01/2017 Andy Grady 0

During their enforced confinement there is a danger that our chickens could get bored. If they get bored then they’re more likely to squabble and […]

A Sponsor’s Visit

08/01/2017 Andy Grady 0

Today we were actually visited by, not one, but two sponsors – Teddy and Ania. Ania sponsors one of our bunnies, Honey, and Teddy sponsored […]