Longford Park Pets’ Corner no longer receives any money from Trafford MBC and is funded entirely by donations and occasional successful grant applications. Donations have to cover the cost of food, bedding, vets bills, utilities, maintaining and improving the animals’ environments and security. As you will appreciate, these costs can be quite substantial so every penny donated really is important.

You can help with these costs by donating either money or foodstuff & bedding or by sponsoring an animal or group of animals. You could even take out a gift sponsorship for friends and family as birthday or Christmas presents.

Donations and sponsorships can be paid by bank transfer to:
Sort code: 08-92-99, Account: 65787986, Account Name: Longford Park Pets’ Corner

As we do rely on money from the public we believe it is only fair that there is total transparancy regarding our finances. To that end our financial statements are published on this website under the Finance drop down list.