Everything you ever wanted to know about our little home for animals



We currently have six rabbits at Pets’ Corner. They’re homed in what used to be the aviaries for small exotic birds when the council ran Pets’ Corner. 

Aviary 1, the closest to the entrance of Pets’ Corner is home to James, Honey and Flopsy Daisy. James is mainly black but he is middle aged so has a bit of grey appearing. Honey is fawn coloured and Flopsy Daisy, her sister, is white. James is currently separated from Flopsy and Honey whilst he gets used to them again because they’ve only just moved back in together.

Flopsy Daisy

Aviary 3 is now home to our newest residents… 3 very young rabbits called Bluebell, Lavender and Clover. Photos of them will appear here very soon.