Everything you ever wanted to know about our little home for animals



We currently have three rabbits although one is currently being fostered whilst we find a new partner for him. They’re homed in what used to be the aviaries for small exotic birds when the council ran Pets’ Corner. 

Aviary 1, the closest to the entrance of Pets’ Corner is home to James. He is black with a bit of grey appearing. He is also the rabbit currently being fostered by one of our volunteers.

Until recently Aviary 1 was also home to Poppy and Elsa. Unfortunately Poppy developed an inoperable tumour and crossed the rainbow bridge last July. Elsa followed her in November after also developing a tumour.

Aviary 3 is where Flopsy Daisy and Honey live. Like their two relatives they are easy to tell apart. Flopsy Daisy is white and Honey is fawn coloured. 

Flopsy Daisy

Until the start of lockdown Aviary 3 was also home to Mummy Bunny but sadly, after a check up with our vet, we found out she had an inoperable tumour so she has now crossed over the rainbow bridge and is reunited with her sister Beatrix, who also used to live with her in Aviary 3, and their mate, Daddy Bunny, who was the father of all our remaining rabbits.