Sponsor An Animal

We offer the opportunity to sponsor the animals for periods of 6 or 12 months. Money raised in this manner is used directly for the care of the animal(s) concerned.

Sponsors receive a sponsorship certificate including a photo of the animal(s) they sponsor, recognition of their sponsorship on this website and are also offered the opportunity to atttend Pets’ Corner and 1. have their photo taken with, or more likely, close to the animal they sponsor, 2. take part in caring for the animal.

Cost of sponsorship is currently:

Animal Month 6 Months 12 Months
Goat £10 £60 £120
Rabbit £4 £24 £48
Hare £4 £24 £48
Guinea Pig £3 £18 £36
Cockerel/Chicken £3 £18 £36
Drake/Duck £3 £18 £36
Doves £12 £72 £144

Please note: until it gets a bit warmer, the hares are currently being cared for at the home of one of the volunteers.